12th MAN Fun Trivia!

seahawk special

  • We, the Seahawks fans, are the loudest in the NFL!
  • In 1985 the league instituted a noise rule. Looks like that rule doesn’t apply to us much anymore!
  • The 12th MAN continues to be the loudest, giving our Seahawks an outstanding home field advantage to this day!
  • The tradition of the 12th MAN flag originated on October 12th 2003 and soars above the Space Needle during playoffs.
  • Rain, snow or shine the 12th MAN is NOT a fair weather fan.


Kings Heating is honoring the 12th man fans with a special discount – When the Seahawks play Green Bay this Sunday, Jan. 18th, whatever the Seahawks score will be the dollar amount we take off your next service call! Take last weekend as an example: we beat Panthers 17-31 that would have been $31 off your service call between Jan. 18-31st, 2015