How Does Carpet Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Tuesday, March 2nd
How does carpeting figure into indoor air quality? Let’s take a closer look. It is understandable that you, as a Lynnwood area homeowner, want to improve your home’s appearance in whatever way you can, both indoors and outdoors. There are many ways to achieve this on the exterior of your home, such as roofing projects,… [ Read More ]

What’s That Burning Heater Smell?

Thursday, February 25th
Is your heater producing a burning smell? It might be nothing, or it might be something vital. Find out more. You can’t do without your heating and air conditioning systems which are essential elements of your Lynnwood home. They maintain a comfortable environment in your home during both the summer and winter seasons. This is… [ Read More ]

Don’t Void Your Valuable HVAC Warranty by Making These Mistakes

Tuesday, February 2nd
Winter in Lynnwood can be c-c-cold! Here are some tips to stay toasty. Knowing that your new home heating system is modern, highly efficient and saving you money on heating and cooling costs gives you peace of mind. You receive a warranty with the system that puts your mind at rest knowing that the manufacturer… [ Read More ]

Is Heat on Your Christmas List?

Thursday, December 17th
Stay warm and comfy with winter heating maintenance. It’s almost Christmas and many homeowners are in a frantic rush to get all their shopping in the bag before the Christmas Eve panic begins.  But have you considered that something may be missing off your to-do list? If your Christmas list doesn’t have heating maintenance on… [ Read More ]