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Tips to Combat Cold Winters in Lynnwood, WA

Tuesday, December 8th
Winter in Lynnwood can be c-c-cold! Here are some tips to stay toasty.” Winter has arrived here in Lynwood, Washington and if you haven’t prepared for the cold winter days and the freezing winter nights, they can become quite uncomfortable. There are many things you can do to warm yourself and your home. Here are… [ Read More ]

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Tuesday, November 17th
Regular furnace maintenance is a good investment. Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment is important for many reasons, and though it is entirely the homeowner’s decision, Kings Heating and Air Conditioning recommends having a yearly home furnace maintenance. Regular maintenance will extend your furnace’s life. Below we have listed a few of the reasons why… [ Read More ]

What are the Advantages of a “Smart” Thermostat?

Monday, November 9th
A smart thermostat can save you big money by operating more efficiently. The internal temperature of your home is controlled by a thermostat, which is vital for providing energy efficient heating and cooling. With the new advances in technology, thermostats are now being produced which can monitor and control indoor temperature automatically, according to your… [ Read More ]

What to Do If You Have a Dead Rodent in Your Ductwork

Monday, October 26th
Rodent in your ductwork? That stinks. Here’s what you can do. Even though it is common, it’s not a pleasant experience for homeowners to find a dead rat, mouse or other rodent in their ductwork.  You will often be left with a terrible smell, which is seeping through your entire home, and a mess to… [ Read More ]

Why You Should Talk To Your IAQ Specialist Today

Tuesday, October 13th
Dust? Dander? Pollen? Or worse? Talk to an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialist today. At Kings Heating and Air Conditioning we do so much more than just keeping you comfortable, because we believe there’s more to owning an HVAC than just installing and maintaining. As a quality HVAC company part of our job is to… [ Read More ]