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Why You Should Consider Installing A Ductless Heat Pump In Your Home.

Tuesday, March 17th
"Why should I consider installing a Ductless Heat Pump in my home?" is a question we frequently answer. Seattle City Light is offering a $1,200 rebate to qualifying homeowners who install a ductless heat pump. Why? Seattle City Light offers rebates to help customers save electricity because it is the most cost-effective way to meet… [ Read More ]

Is There Carbon Monoxide In Your House?

Tuesday, March 10th
Get a Carbon Monoxide detector in your house today! Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that cannot be seen or smelled and can kill a person in minutes. If Carbon Monoxide is released in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas it can build to unsafe levels in seconds. The poisonous gas is produced by incomplete combustion… [ Read More ]

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Monday, February 9th
Etched Heart Wine Glasses Materials Needed: Basic wineglasses Heart stickers in a variety of sizes 1-inch wide painter's tape Etching cream Foam brush Paper plate Sponge Sink with room-temperature water Directions: Step 1: Use painter's tape to cover the top few inches of the glass stem. Apply small pieces of painter's tape to the inside… [ Read More ]

12th MAN Fun Trivia!

Saturday, January 17th
We, the Seahawks fans, are the loudest in the NFL! In 1985 the league instituted a noise rule. Looks like that rule doesn’t apply to us much anymore! The 12th MAN continues to be the loudest, giving our Seahawks an outstanding home field advantage to this day! The tradition of the 12th MAN flag originated… [ Read More ]