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When Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Tuesday, March 25th
One of the many topics that come up with our clients is… furnace filters. Using the two main questions we hear from our clients, here is all the information you need to know about those pesky furnace filters. When should furnace filters be changed? As a general guideline; the higher the efficiency of the furnace… [ Read More ]

How To Beat The Flu At Your Office This Winter

Wednesday, February 5th
Flu Season is here and in full swing, and many of you are probably fighting off the germs with as much vigor as you can muster. Germs and illness can strike anywhere so it’s important to be on constant alert, whether you’re at home, in your car, on the bus, or at the office. Believe… [ Read More ]

Five Interesting Facts About Seattle

Monday, January 20th
We decided to have a little fun with this blog post and found 5 different, interesting facts about the city we all know and love.... Seattle, WA. Without further ado, here are 5 interesting facts about Seatown. 1) Seattle's Sports Fans Set Records Last year alone, Seattle Fans set two separate records, for two different… [ Read More ]

3 Ideas For Repurposing Your Christmas Tree

Friday, December 20th
Christmas has come and gone. This year, it most likely started with you reeling from the unusually late calendar positioning of Thanksgiving. If your like me, then you emerged from your tryptophan-induced stupor on Black Friday only to realize, in horror, that you only had less than four weeks left to shop! Looking back on… [ Read More ]

7 Easy Ways To Cut Heating Costs & Keep Warm During Winter

Wednesday, November 13th
The cold season is HERE! This is the time of year you will see an increase in your utility bill due to using more electricity or gas. I have a few ideas to help you stay warm, but keep your thermostat down. Replace air filter in your furnace. A dirty filter has less air flow… [ Read More ]