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7 Easy Ways To Cut Heating Costs & Keep Warm During Winter

Wednesday, November 13th
The cold season is HERE! This is the time of year you will see an increase in your utility bill due to using more electricity or gas. I have a few ideas to help you stay warm, but keep your thermostat down. Replace air filter in your furnace. A dirty filter has less air flow… [ Read More ]

Trick Or Cheap – Low Cost Halloween Costume Ideas

Friday, October 18th
Every year at Halloween I am always trying to get my kids to try some new idea for acostume that doesn’t cost me a lot AND is different than a grim reaper (the old fall back every year). I have 2 boys so it isn’t likely that they would dress up like the above photos,… [ Read More ]

The Top 4 Reasons To Have Clean Air Ducts In Your Home

Monday, August 19th
Do You Have All Your Ducts In A Row? The other day I was sitting around my house reading a book and thought ‘when was the last time I had my duct work cleaned? Do you remember when you cleaned yours? I know for sure I cleaned ONE of the fourteen heat vents about a… [ Read More ]

6 Summer Time Cooling Tips For People In Seattle

Tuesday, July 30th
The temperatures that we have been experiencing this summer in Seattle have been nothing short of HOT! This is making it difficult for people to stay cool and comfortable, which is we are here to help. By acquiring a few new habits and changing the environment of one’s home, it can help to beat the… [ Read More ]