Don’t Void Your Valuable HVAC Warranty by Making These Mistakes

Winter in Lynnwood can be c-c-cold! Here are some tips to stay toasty.
Winter in Lynnwood can be c-c-cold! Here are some tips to stay toasty.

Knowing that your new home heating system is modern, highly efficient and saving you money on heating and cooling costs gives you peace of mind. You receive a warranty with the system that puts your mind at rest knowing that the manufacturer backs its product. You more than likely will never need to use the warranty, but it could prove to be an expensive repair if you accidentally void the warranty.

Common ways that HVAC warranties are accidentally voided 

Make sure you understand the DO’S and DON’TS of an HVAC warranty, so it doesn’t happen to you.

DO buy from an authorized dealer and installer

If you purchase a system online or through an unauthorized dealer, there will be many companies who will not honor the warranty. It is not advisable to trust a cheap system you find online, and don’t trust an installer who is prepared to do the job for labor only. To begin with you have no way of knowing if the product is genuine, and then an installer who will install a system that he hasn’t supplied, is an indicator that he is desperate for a job and may not deliver good quality work.

DO register the warranty

As soon as possible after purchasing your system, complete the warranty card and be sure to send it in.  In many cases you can submit an electronic form by going online

DO immediately schedule the annual maintenance

To keep the warranty valid, your system requires regular maintenance. As soon as the new system is installed schedule your first year’s maintenance to ensure this vital step is not missed.

DON’T use parts the manufacturer has not approved

Using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts is required by most manufacturers. Generic parts may be a bit cheaper, but they could void your warranty and you could end up paying out thousands on a repair.

DO keep maintenance records

To protect your warranty, you will need to be able to prove that the required maintenance was carried out and the correct parts were used. This is why keeping of maintenance and service calls, including descriptions of the services and the parts used.

DON’T try to identify or fix a problem yourself

Call an authorized service provider who has the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot any problems you are having.  Rather than you trying to identify a problem and making adjustments to the system which could void the warranty. 

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