In the often wet and wild weather of Seattle, you simply can’t do without reliable heat in your home. For most homeowners, a furnace is the centerpiece of your home’s heating, and it’s got to work.

Is your furnace struggling to keep up with your home’s heating needs? Or is it over 15 years old? It may be time to look at replacing it.

Kings Heating and Air Conditioning have years of experience installing and maintaining furnaces. If your furnace needs repairs or maintenance, we’ve got you covered. And if it’s time for a new system, we can help, too. You can trust us to evaluate your furnace and make a recommendation.

Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

If your furnace is over 15 years old, it could very well be on its way out. Unfortunately, furnaces often fail suddenly, and usually when you need them most. Too many times we hear from homeowners whose furnaces drop dead on the coldest day of the year.

Want to avoid a costly emergency? Have the HVAC professionals at Kings Heating & Air Conditioning look over your furnace thoroughly. Sometimes it’s an easy fix you can do yourself (change those filters regularly!), or sometimes it takes a pro. And yes, you may find that it’s time for replacement. Whatever the situation, Kings can help.

Watch Out For:

  • Rising Utility Bills. As furnaces age, they may struggle to operate as efficiently as they once did. That will hit you right in the wallet. Furnaces are often the largest consumer of energy in the home, so any inefficiency will definitely be noticeable in your utility bill.
  • Struggling to Warm the House. If your furnace is struggling to keep up, and you feel cold in your house, something’s not right. Resist the temptation to crank the thermostat up. That will only make your utility bills worse, while failing to keep you warm. You need a professional to check out what’s wrong.
  • Strange Smells or Sounds. While some level of noise is normal with furnaces, you shouldn’t hear sharp pops, cracks, banging, or grinding. And you shouldn’t have odd odors like musty smells, either. If you have doubts, a Kings Heating & Air Conditioning expert can assess your furnace’s health.

Choosing a New Furnace

We know that a new furnace is a big decision. That’s why we won’t leave you stranded and alone. Kings experts will comprehensively evaluate your home and your family’s needs. We’ll look at your square footage, layout, insulation, home usage, and more to come up with a recommendation. We also offer furnace alternatives like heat pumps that may be an even better solution. Or a traditional furnace may fit your needs perfectly.

Three Factors in Choosing the Perfect Furnace:

  • Efficiency. Modern furnaces are more efficient than ever, and we have a variety of efficient furnaces to choose from.
  • Size. You don’t need to be overpaying for installation and operation costs by choosing a furnace that’s too big for your home.
  • Fuel. We will find a furnace that fits your home’s energy usage – electricity or gas.

Trust Kings with Your Furnace Installation

Kings Heating and Air Conditioning are experts in furnaces.  We’ve been helping Seattle-area homeowners since 1993, and we know our business. We stand behind our furnaces with customer service other companies can’t match. Our recommendations always come with accurate, dependable quotes – not guesses and estimates. 

Are you considering a new furnace? Join our hundreds of happy customers throughout Snohomish and most of King county. Call Kings today.