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Furnaces: Past and Present

Modern furnaces are highly efficient and advanced.
Modern furnaces are highly efficient and advanced.

Are you aware how much the furnace has improved over the years?

Home heating started some time back with simple wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, developing into today’s high-efficiency, natural gas-powered furnaces. Heating technology has continuously improved as the years have gone by. If you have an older model it is possible that the furnace in your basement could be extremely out-of-date and inefficient and not giving you the home comfort you are paying for.

The greatest difference between new furnaces and older models is not only efficiency. Although today’s furnaces have a higher efficiency standard, they include comfort enhancing technology that runs quietly as it makes your home more comfortable.

Today’s furnaces are made exceptional by the latest technology, some of which are listed below.

Variable speed technology

Many of today’s furnaces and in particular high efficiency models are fitted with variable speed blower motors. To meet your comfort demands precisely these motors vary the speed that the air is blown throughout your home. The result is an improved mix of air thus minimizing hot and cold areas.

Multiple stages of operation

There are only two stages in traditional furnaces. They either run at 100% capacity or they are off. Multiple stage furnaces are able to vary firing capacity enabling them to meet the comfort demands of your home at any given time. This gives you better home comfort and helps you save money.

Blower delay

If you want to avoid being blasted by cold air every time your furnace kicks on, then invest in a model that contains a blower delay. The blower delay makes sure your ducts are warm by the time the air begins to move through them.

There are many more features in today’s furnaces, so be sure to ask your contractor about the comfort features, besides efficiency. when it is time for you to buy your next furnace.