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Heating and Your Health

Keep warm AND healthy with heating solutions from Kings Heating in Lynnwood, WA!
Keep warm AND healthy with heating solutions from Kings Heating in Lynnwood, WA!

During our frigid Washington winters we are inclined to spend more time indoors sheltering from the cold. We’ve encouraged you to ask yourself, “‘Am I taking care of my heating system in winter?” because we want your home to be comfortable. But there’s another layer to that question. You really need to be sure that besides being comfortable, your home is safe. The shocking truth is that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air.

What can we do about maintaining high indoor air quality – especially during winter?

Check Your Furnace and Filter

Investing in a quality furnace filter should be your first, most important line of defense. Check the medical grade filters available for keeping the allergens, pollutants and dust etc. away from your family.

If you decide not to use a high efficiency filter, you should at least make sure you change your furnace filter regularly. The minimum you should change your furnace filter is four times per year – once before the start of each season. Allergy sufferers and pet owners will probably need to change the furnace filter once a month.

Clean Your Ductwork

The beginning of winter is a good time to have your ductwork cleaned. The warm air generated by your furnace is distributed throughout your home by a system of ducts. To avoid the air picking up any pollutants along the way, schedule a duct cleaning appointment with your local contractor. Having your ducts cleaned can uncover hidden health issues such as insects or rodents and especially mold.

Remember, whatever you spray on the surface or into the air will potentially be breathed in by you and your family, so consider using natural cleaners and air fresheners.

Get Regular Heating Maintenance

Finally, remember to schedule a maintenance appointment for your furnace at the start of the heating season. You need to make sure everything is operating properly. Although it is a bit late to schedule an appointment for the start of winter, it’s better late than never! You can also discuss a maintenance agreement with your local Lynnwood contractor, Kings Heating and Air Conditioning.

Stay warm and stay healthy this winter. Contact Kings Heating today if you need any assistance with your heating systems.