How Does Carpet Affect Indoor Air Quality?

How does carpeting figure into indoor air quality? Let’s take a closer look.
How does carpeting figure into indoor air quality? Let’s take a closer look.

It is understandable that you, as a Lynnwood area homeowner, want to improve your home’s appearance in whatever way you can, both indoors and outdoors. There are many ways to achieve this on the exterior of your home, such as roofing projects, siding upgrades or even new windows. When it comes to improving the interior, one way is to put down beautiful carpeting or perhaps a rug in the living room. However, there are some homeowners who worry that carpeting might be bad for their indoor air quality. But how bad is it really?

Does Carpeting Pollute Your Indoor Air Quality?

You may find it hard to believe that, in fact it depends on you whether your carpeting is bad for your home’s indoor air quality, or not. Professionals claim that carpeting traps particles and allergens preventing them from entering the air. However, if not removed on a regular basis, the particles and allergens can eventually become harmful to those living in your home, causing various health problems, including persistent cough, irritated skin, allergies, tiredness and even breathing difficulties.

With all these negatives you may think it’s a bad idea to install carpeting or rugs in your living room. However, HVAC experts say there is actually a very simple solution. Your carpets just need to be kept as clean as possible. There are many ways to keep your carpeting clean, with vacuuming to remove the contaminants it catches being the most popular.

New carpeting may release potentially harmful chemicals which you will need to get rid of. Make certain you buy “green” low-emission carpeting for your home. Before it is installed, air it out by unrolling it outside and ask the installers to use low-emission adhesive and to be sure to install the carpet to the proper standards. Be sure to keep the newly carpeted room well ventilated to circulate the chemicals and pollutants right out of your house.

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