How to Find the Best HVAC Company Near You

Follow our tips to get the best HVAC company near you.
Follow our tips to get the best HVAC company near you.

Finding out how to choose the best HVAC contractors is crucial because not all of them are the same. If your HVAC unit is more than 10 years old this is probably a good time for you to find a local HVAC contractor. Air conditioning companies can help to solve any problems of extreme heat or cold you are experiencing. Here are some tips on how to evaluate local Lynnwood, WA heating and air conditioning companies and decide on the best one.

Professional Licensing

Because HVAC contractors work with multifaceted parts of your home, including plumbing, electrical and gas lines, it is essential that they have professional licensing.

To establish if a contractor has proper licensing, ask the contractor for proof of their licensing and certifications. Those that acquire these licenses need to have proven field experience and they have to complete an HVAC exam. If you can’t find the company’s licensing anywhere, then it is time to look for a different HVAC professional.

Reviews and References

Check out the company’s reviews online. Ask the contractor for at least three or four references and make a point of contacting them. The references should be able to tell you if the contractor was able to complete the job on time and within budget. Ask if the contractor left the property clean, and most importantly, was the unit tested for maximum efficiency before the HVAC contractor left the premises.

Written Quotes

Getting a verbal estimate over the phone from an HVAC contractor is not a good idea. Because every home is unique, the contractor has to take into consideration whether there are enough registers in each room, the ductwork, the type of windows or the type of insulation. This is why the contractor should visit your home to complete an inspection, following which you should receive a written quote, not just an estimate. If the contractor tries to give you a verbal estimate it is a sign of inexperience or corner cutting. Should something go wrong or in case of a dispute, you need to have written evidence.

Name Recognition

Selecting a well-known company in your local area can be a smart move. A strong indicator of experience and quality is name recognition. A local company that has built a solid reputation has, at the very least, continuously provided good service.

We at Kings Heating and Air Conditioning have developed a reputation throughout the Lynnwood area as a contractor that can be trusted. We are ready to hear your needs and provide cost-effective and customized HVAC solutions tailored to your best interests. Give us a call today!