Trick Or Cheap – Low Cost Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year at Halloween I am always trying to get my kids to try some new idea for acostume that doesn’t cost me a lot AND is different than a grim reaper (the old fall back every year). I have 2 boys so it isn’t likely that they would dress up like the above photos, but the ideas are cute and inexpensive.

I remember back in the day I used to be a hobo (torn jeans, dirty flannel shirt, hat, drawn on scruffy beard, and a stuffed bandana dangling from a stick). Or the easy ghost (white sheet with circle eyes cut out and drawn on mouth; make sure to use permanent marker or the humidity from your breath going thru the sheet will make it run). How boring are those 2 costumes!

So I gear up to make the annual trip to the local Value Village (click to find one near you) in hopes of finding a decent used costume. If you cannot find one the people who work there do have some great ideas and can be very helpful.

To make your costume more of a disguise add makeup and stuffing in appropriate places. This will help hide you and show more of your character.

Here are a few more ideas:

Zombie bride/prom queen/Carrie – There’s always fancy dresses you can get and tear as you wish for as little as $10.

Bag of Jelly Bellies – Get a large clear plastic garbage bag, colored balloons, string and a homemade jelly bean tag for your bag.

Rosie the Riveter – cultural icon – Red bandana on the head, rolled up work shirt, and a sign (on a stick or attached to headband under bandana) saying “We Can Do It!”

Beanie Baby – Get some animal ears, and make a Ty tag with your beanie name on the inside. You can be a bit creative with that.

Think about popular TV shows or commercials that people can relate to . . . Flo from Progressive commercial, Big Bang Theory characters, Breaking Bad, Orange is the new Black, etc. etc. You could probably get a good idea from your favorite shows.

Hope you were able to get some good ideas. Have a very safe Halloween. Remember to carry flashlights, stay in lighted neighborhoods, and put reflective tape on you and your children’s costumes