Where Should I Place My Air Conditioner?

Placement is key to the performance of your air conditioner or heat pump.
Placement is key to the performance of your air conditioner or heat pump.

Although you may be tempted to place your air conditioner or heat pump in the most obvious place, you really need to keep in mind the operational disadvantages of some locations. For long term performance and the life span of the system, you need to give careful consideration to where you have your air conditioner installed.

In order to cool your home air conditioners and heat pumps draw air in. If the outside air is hotter, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your home at the required temperature. On very hot days, it is more demanding to reduce the temperature of the air being distributed to your home, which may contribute to longer run times. Over the long term, this can contribute to higher costs and even further maintenance.

What is the solution?

Ideally an air conditioner should be placed in a location where:

  1. It does not have as much direct sunlight
  2. It is on the cooler side of the house.

For homes in Lynnwood and the surrounding Seattle area, this is generally on the north side of the house.

Moving your air conditioner is probably not an economical option, especially if you are not considering a replacement. All is not lost because you can still do something to make your air conditioner’s job easier. You can maintain a proper airflow by keeping grass cuttings away from the condenser and, in spring, be sure to schedule an appointment to clean and check. 

Planting some trees or shrubs the proper distance away can help to cool the air around your air conditioner lessening some of the effects caused by high summer temperatures. However, because of the amount of air your air conditioner needs to draw in, shading will not always be sufficient to reduce the effects of hot outdoor air.  For all your Lynnwood, WA cooling and heating installation questions be sure to contact Kings Heating and Air Conditioning.